Friday, September 28, 2007

4 Months Old!!

Today I turned 4 months old...or as Dad says to anyone who asks...I am 124 days old! For my birthday Dad took me to Apple Orchard to buy some sun glasses to help protect my eyes. Then when we got home we went for a stroll in my antique Colson stroller. It's a bit bumpy but its a classic ride!

I have been having a great time with my nanny Andrea over the past two weeks. I am still not drinking from the bottle so she has to take me to see Mom for lunch everyday at the Museum. They have tried everything to get me to drink from the bottle and I am just not taking it. Since I have started teething they decided to put some cold milk in a Born Free bottle that has a sippy cup top to it. I chew on the top because it feels good on my incoming teeth and at the same time I get a little nourishment.

I can even hold it up on my own now!

Monday, September 24, 2007

Mini Me

Take a look at the 3 pictures I have posted today and vote in the poll on the right about who you think I resemble the most. I think you should all get this one right, it's pretty obvious!

I got this hat from my first modeling photo shoot at Happy Green Bee

Sunday, September 23, 2007

Rolling and Teething

I am beginning to wonder if I will ever get well? Between the three of us we just keep passing on the runny noses, sore throats and fevers! I was sick last week and now Mom has come down with a tickle in her throat that has turned into a nasty cold. I finally got over my virus only to catch what Mom now has. As if I needed to get sick again! It's a vicious cycle that seems to be making the rounds from one person to the next. Sorry Dad, you're next!

And just when we all thought we were due some good luck we were hit yet again. Dad's computer started making some funny sounds and then it just up and died. There must have been a major malfunction in the hard drive since it made all kinds of noises before dying. The good news is that his warranty runs out on September 30th so Dell is sending him a new hard drive. The bad news is that we may have lost all of my pictures saved on his computer. Knowing just how awful Dell computers are Dad decided to buy a back-up hard drive to save all of the data on. He bought it last week and unfortunately didn't have a chance to back anything up. At least the best pictures are on Google's server so that I have something to look back on in the years to come.

A couple of firsts have happened this past week. Last Saturday I surprised myself and everyone else by learning how to roll over. The only problem is that I am not sure what to do once I have rolled over. I don't have the strength to get my right arm out from underneath me so I always find myself crying for help to finish the task. It won't be long before I find myself rolling under the furniture.

Mom and Dad are beginning to think that I may be teething. As you can see from the picture above I have discovered the satisfying art of chewing on my fingers. I believe I am developing my first set of teeth so chewing on my fingers helps to ease the pain. However, sometimes I shove my fingers a little too far down my throat and gag myself causing me to spit up some of my food. Mom and Dad are now trying to get me to chew on my teething toys instead on my little fingers.

Yo-Yo-Yo, What-up!

Still sleeping sitting up because I haven't learned how to blow my nose. The little red guy is my terry cloth teething toy.

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Fenway In September

There is only one thing better than the Red Sox vs. Yankees at Fenway in September. That would be Sox/Yankees in October! Maybe next time and with Maya of course, no offense Tony!

We had a GREAT time in Boston and look forward to going back. We only had one mishap and believe it or not it had nothing to do with the Sox/Yankees game. Some may think Bostonians are appropriately rude and I found myself reminding Tony that Boston is a little different from the south. Where Tony comes from it is OK to start up a conversation with just about anyone but that is not the case in Boston. Fah chrysakes, this ain't Noo Yawk!

First you need to know that Tony would talk to a tree if it would only talk back, nothing wrong with that seeing as to how I am the same way. While at the Bar watching Tennessee get clobbered by the Gators Tony decided to ask his neighbor what his girlfriend was drinking. Not a smart idea Tony! The bouncer ended up escorting Tony's new friend out of the bar before Tony got scuffed up. I know all Bostonians are not like this, in fact we sat next to some great people at the game, but Tony left Boston with a stereotypical image of all Bostonians being a little Bizah.

I guess if Tony had just started off the conversation with "Hahwahya, wicked game uh?" he would have made a new friend.

Hanging on the streets supporting the home team prior to game time.

We threw ball with this giant.

Anything to get yourself on SportsCenter!

Looks like he found a friend!

We couldn't resist heckling Jeter.

And believe it or not we actually made it into the game! Fenway is the smallest park in the major leagues so every seat is a good seat.

We finished it all off with a cup of chowdah and fresh lobster.

Saturday, September 15, 2007

Fishing In Boston Harbor

Fishing in the Boston Harbor with some nasty weather!

One of 42 total striped bass and bluefish

One of 25

Nice robe Tony.

Friday, September 14, 2007

The Virus That Got Me

Wow, what a week! I seemed to have contracted yet another illness and this time it was a nasty bugger! With temps reaching an all time high of 103.5 and a full body rash you can only imagine the pain I was in. We were left in the dark for a while as my blood was being tested for a bacterial infection that finally came back negative. I was able to stop the antibiotics and rely on my body to take over and knock out the virus. I am still not 100% but I am much better than 3 days ago.

Mom and Dad were both completely tied up with work and just could not get away. Mom had a presentation to the board and Dad flew in 20 people from across the country to attend a workshop he was running so they had to call in the reserves to take care of me. G3 (Grandma Jane) came to the rescue! With her previous nursing skills it seemed like the perfect fit. She really helped with everything and for that we are all extremely grateful! Thanks Grandma!

Dad has flown to Boston for the weekend to go fishing with uncle Tony. I am a little worried about them as they are tempting to test their fate. They have tickets to the Red Sox-Yankees game and are talking about wearing pink Yankees Hats and a "Patriots Are Cheaters" t-shirt. I think Dad just wants to be on TV!


ps...does the picture make my tummy look big?

Sunday, September 9, 2007

A Trip To Virginia To See Family & Friends

On Saturday we headed up to Virginia for a friend of Moms 30th surprise birthday party. I guess it is only appropriate if something happens right? Well, happen it did! We went out to the car to pack it up and found a flat tire. After pumping it up and realizing that it must be a slow leak we finished packing and hit the road. About 30 minutes into the 3-1/2 hour drive the AC in Dad's car went out. When it rains it pours and yet again we were without AC. At least this time we had the option of rolling down the windows for fresh air. But, you see, there is a problem with that too. I don't really like a lot of air blowing on me and so Dad couldn't roll all the windows down and it made for a pretty hot drive. When we got to Roanoke I think Mom and Dad had to peel me away from my car seat it was so hot.

We met Grandma Mary and Kathleen along with Amanda's (birthday girl) family and friends. We went to a local Greek restaurant for the surprise party. I think Amanda was very surprised and even more so to see me! It was so good to see everyone and have a chance to see Grandma. We met everyone for breakfast this morning before heading back home.

The ride home wasn't as bad as the ride up because I slept most of the way and I believe Dad had all the windows down. We had to stop at Dad's Museum so he could give a Spanish welcome to a local group called La Mariposa Project. It turns out that Dad had the wrong date and our trip to the Museum was not needed. But Mom couldn't resist seeing her old friend. He's really old!

One more week of Day Care left!!

Sunday, September 2, 2007

A Long Weekend

Mom, Dad and I have had a great Labor day weekend! Dad stayed home with me on Friday since I was still a little under the weather. I must say that I have really improved since Wednesday. I am still a little stopped up but the nice weather over the weekend has allowed us to get out and get some much needed fresh air.

Today Mom and I sat out in the carport and helped Dad remodel the bathroom vanity. When Mom and Dad remodeled the bathroom they kept the old vanity so Dad could turn it into a grill table. Dad took some of the scrap cork flooring from the kitchen and bathroom and used it to create the counter top for the grill table. He then took some of the left over paint from the outside of the house so that the grill table would match the outside of the house. Dad was able to finish just in time so we could use it to entertain some friends for the evening.

One more day home and then back to school. I only have 7 more days of school until I get to stay with Andrea. Yeah!!!

Got sunblock?

Check out what landed on me while helping Dad with the vanity



Just in time to display the snacks

Hi, my name is Maya.

Would you like a cracker?