Wednesday, November 12, 2008

The Elimination Diet

We're not sure what's going on with my skin but whatever it is I wish we could find out soon. As you can see above my legs are covered in eczema. Actually my whole body is covered. Some days are really bad (like the one in the picture above) while others are not. This rash started as far back as April of this year but never reached the level it is at now. It disappeared for a while and just recently came back. Some days the eczema is dry while other days it looks like a 2nd degree burn. It's extremely painful and I dread having my diaper or clothes changed. Whenever Mom or Dad go to change my diaper I sign hurt trying to tell them how uncomfortable I am. And not only do I have a severe case of eczema but I am also growing two new bottom teeth. Life is a little tough right now to say the least.

We've seen the doctor once and have another visit scheduled for this Friday to do some allergy testing. We have tried to treat the eczema with olive oil and Shea butter. It usually helps but then it comes back. Eczema in babies/toddlers is usually a sign of an allergic reaction, but to what? Gluten? Dairy? Chlorine from the swimming pool? Chicken? Who knows?

Mom and I have now gone gluten free so we'll will see what that does. We'll try to eliminate diary next. The flair up you see above happened on Monday which was the day we went to the pool. It could be that chlorine is aggravating the eczema and not causing it. Another reason why we should have more saltwater pools!

When we find out the cause we'll be sure to share.

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