Saturday, November 1, 2008

Roo...says the Kangaroo

Happy Halloween everyone! As much as Dad really wanted to dress me up as a Woopie Cushion, Mom had other plans. Instead, I was a Kangaroo! It was the suit from last year that was to big for me.

Grandma and Grandpa came up from Chattanooga to visit for the weekend and once they arrived we headed down to the Fearrington Village in Pittsboro to see their Pumpkin Carving contest. They had some incredible pumpkins on display and we enjoyed all of the creativity once the sun went down. The website said there would be bluegrass music and hayrides along with the pumpkins but they lied. We were pretty bummed that we drove all the way out there and they didn't fulfill their promise.

We saw a lot of other kids and I finally realized that I wasn't the only one in a crazy outfit. I even moo'd and signed cow when a little girl walked by in a cow suit. I proceeded to follow her and moo until she noticed me. She turned around and gave me a look that screamed "what, and you think a kangaroo costume is special". I made friends with a boy dressed as a puppy, held hands with Robin Hood, barked at a dog dressed up like a fire hydrant, and pulled the antenna of a bumble bee.


Wagging my roo tail.

Are we done yet? Can you get this thing off of me!

Where have we been?

On another note...In case you were wondering where we've been lately...well, let's just say it's been a bit crazy. My Nanny is pregnant and is due in February and almost gave birth 2 weeks ago. It was a very scary situation for her and her doctor immediately placed her on bed rest. Since this was an unexpected situation it left us without child care for 2 weeks. Dad had plently of sick and vacation time but unfortunately he had to travel to Philly. This forced Mom to take 2 weeks off of work while we desperate looked for alternative care.

We interviewed 7 nannies (some on email/phone, others in person) and visited 2 daycares and 3 Montessori Schools. None of the nannies panned out and all 5 daycares/schools had major issues. Actually, we had major issues with the daycares/schools. One of the schools smelled like cat pee! And get this - The daycares we visited would not allow cloth diapers or Breast Milk in the toddler room. Their reason was that they had to treat breast milk as an allergy. What? Are you kidding me? So what are they treating formula and cows milk as? What a shame! Since Maya's diet is still around 90% breast milk and 10% solid foods we could not send Maya to daycare/school.

Hold on guys, let me take a sip.

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redheadedhowler said...

She is such a cute little Kangaroo. I'm sorry to hear about the nanny/daycare issues, what a pain. Hope you had a good trip though! :)