Monday, November 24, 2008

Like Mother Like Daughter

Lately I have become very attached to my baby doll. I have named her baby and constantly ask for her if she is not in my sight. The baby used to be Mom's and it is an original Cabbage Patch kid that Grandma Mary stood in a painstakingly long line one Christmas in NYC to purchase from the Cabbage Patch baby hospital. I have become so attached to this baby that Mom and Dad are getting worried if the baby ever gets lost b/c there really would be no way to replace her!

Today I decided that it was time to start trying my hand at babywearing like Mom does with me. I sat on the kitchen floor with the Ergo backpack and the Mei Tie Baby all strewn around me and I just could not figure out how to get baby on my back. I kept saying to Mom, "Baby? Bakpak?" but she was not getting it. I grew more and more frustrated until Mom finally figured out what I was trying to do. With Mom's help we got her loaded up on my back and once she was on there was no turning back! I love having baby attached to me! Mom lifted me up to the mirror so that I could see and all I could do was grin from ear to ear and laugh with delight.

OK baby, I don't think she sees us, let's go!

Eating and signing for chicken (one finger pecking on my other hand)

Here baby, try this it tastes like chicken! Yum yum!


redheadedhowler said...

Looks like Maya has a lovey. Aren't they sweet with their favorite things -- especially things that they can mother?

Brad said...

She is so hooked. She wakes up calling for Baby, screams for her if we are holding baby, can't go to sleep without baby, eats with baby and walks around all night with her in her arms. Now she wants her on her back!

Jeff Stern said...

Well this begs the question Maya, as a babywearer were you offended by the motrinmoms ads?

Amy Grant, Stella Dot, & Lemmy said...

Wow. Impressive! SDS is getting a doll for Xmas, so we'll see if she's a natural nurturer like Maya. My mom got her a stroller for her baby doll -- I know, I know, she should have got her a backpack. :)

(I was offended by the Motrin ads!)

Brad said...

Yes, we were offended that Motrin would stoop so low! Evidently they now need their own Motrin for the headache they have caused themselves. They have issued an apology to their commercial and have regretted making it.

Here is the original ad:

:) said...

Maya and baby are so cute! But start working on the back up baby. I can't tell you how sad I was when my Gizmo doll had to be washed and no longer made noise.

That would be a good motrin to get rid of a headache from kid screaming at lost baby!


Anonymous said...

Maya, I love your new baby. We aren't far from the original baby hospital, so if you lose it, we can get another one in Cleveland, GA. Makes a nice day trip from here. Be sure to bring her when you come for Christmas. I bet Santa will be good to her.


Jeff Stern said...

I was in Target earlier tonight buying an Easy Bake oven for our nieces, and I saw Cabbage Patch Kids! They're a 25th anniversary special release, and I think they were around $25.

Get a back-up if you can! Sometime I'll tell you about when niece T lost "Baba" at the NC State Fair...

Anonymous said...

Maya, you are just like JoJo when he could not be without
Elmo!!!!!!!! Feed baby well and G3 will take you to Cleveland, Georgia where "Baby" was born!!!!! I miss you. Love G3

jane said...

Now doesn't this LOOK like her parents she has lived with for the past 18 months!

Jojo did this with Elmo during this time. Has she refused the car seat yet until "Baby" is put in hers? They have a carseat for Baby! Maybe Santa will fulfill that need.

I cannot wait to take her to
Cleveland, Georgia where Cabbage Patch dolls are "birthed!"