Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Inward facing foot

This picture does not show my inward facing foot because it no longer faces inward. This picture shows you what happens when Dad and Mom let me dress myself! But let's get back to my foot. While Grandma was in town last week she noticed that I was walking around with my foot facing inward. We were not sure as to the cause but we knew it didn't look good.

So on Monday Mom and I went to see my chiropractor, Dr. Bell. She took one look at me and knew right away that it was nothing major. In fact, it was as simple as my hip being out of place. She put me up on the table and popped my hip (I laughed at the sound) and sure enough my foot was fixed! The reason it was facing inward was due in part to my leg muscles not being fully formed. As I continue to grow and develop my muscles the issue should go away.


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Anonymous said...


I am so glad I noticed your foot and it is all fixed up now. I love the way you walk backwards with the look of mischief in your eyes. You are too cute for words.