Friday, November 14, 2008

Southern Living Worm Farmer

I am now officially a worm farmer! On Monday we went to see Susan Quinby (the worm lady) to pick up the worms we purchased a couple weeks ago. Susan runs a vermicomposting business out of her house and we bought 2 pounds of worms and an apartment for them to live in. I am so excited to finally have some friends to play with. I longingly stand outside the pantry door and knock every now and then hoping they will come out and play. Mom and Dad tell me that they don't like the light very much so I only get to play with them when we feed them.

Southern Living is writing a story on Susan's business and Susan invited us to be a part of the feature article. While at her house we were photographed over 200 times as Susan walked us through the process of vermicomposting. Check back in the next few months as I may be the youngest worm farmer ever featured in Southern Living!

Playing with my worms.

They are living in our pantry and we feed them all of our kitchen scraps and even our junk mail. The tomatoes and cucumbers in the picture above were fed to them on 4 days ago. Look at the first picture to see just how much they have eaten. If you are quiet enough you can even hear them munching.

Mom in front of their apartment

Kissing them goodnight until we feed them again!

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Tony & Lindsey said...

Maya, we love the new blog. And we couldn't be prouder that our niece will be the youngest worm-farmer ever featured in Southern Living! Please let us know when it is coming out so we can get a copy!