Monday, August 6, 2007

Gardening 101

Mom and Dad decided to introduce me to gardening early so tonight we went out and tended to our garden. Mom and Dad planted 6 red bell pepper plants and 12 tomato plants. Last week we must have had over 50 tomatoes ready to ripen and then almost overnight they were all gone. Mom saw deer tracks in and around the garden and knew Dad had made a mistake by not putting up a fence. We were lucky enough to rescue 2 green tomatoes that the deer dropped on the way out. We cut our losses and had fried green tomatoes for Grandma Mary's birthday while she was in town. Dad was fearful that we would loose our peppers before they turned red so we picked most of them and Dad made stuffed peppers for dinner. It sure smelled good! I can't wait until I can eat the produce out of our garden!

That pepper is almost as big as I am!

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