Sunday, August 5, 2007

Staying Cool!

To beat the heat Mom, Dad and I have been spending time at the pool. Yesterday we went to my friends 3rd birthday pool party and today we went over to one of our friends for dinner and a dip in their pool. I haven't gone under water yet but I do enjoy hanging on to Mom and swimming with her. We may begin an Aqua Moms class since I really love the water.

Mom went to Kid to Kid yesterday and got me my first Bikini!

Blue eyes + Strawberry Blonde Hair = One little squirt! If I do end up having red hair should I change my last name? Red Herring?

Baby enrichment

Grandma Mary and Kathleen came to visit last week. It was really great to have them down. Since we didn't have any AC in the house we spent most of our time at their hotel and pool. Thanks Grandma and Kathleen for allowing us the chance to get out of the sauna and enjoy some good food and company!

Here is the old AC (Air Handler) unit. It was 32 years old and as you can see in need of replacement. Our new unit is about 45% more efficient and the air quality inside the house is much better. Now I can breathe clean air and sleep in the cool breezes!!


Anonymous said...


I just looked back at your picture in your one piece suit. I can't believe how much you have grown! Is your Mom feeding you fertilizer?

I love your blue eyes. They are beautiful just like you.

Love Gramma

Anonymous said...

Tia you look wonderful! I am so glad that the family is happy and healthy! I miss you and can't wait to meet Maya!
Love, Danielle

Evia & Tim said...

Maya, you just have too much fun! What a lucky little girl. You look great with you Mom and the water must be fun as hot as it is. Glad you finally got your AC back. I couldn't live without it right now. Tia, you look marvelous and Mommy-hood certainly seems to suit you well.