Monday, August 27, 2007

My First Day Of School

Today was my first day of school at Country Sunshine. I am now the newest rugrat in an army of crawling droolers. I'm not really sure I knew what was happening this morning when we showed up but I knew from Mom's face that something wasn't the same. I am usually starting my first nap around 8 in the morning but today was a little different.

I caught all the stares from the veteran day care droolers as I was the last one to arrive this morning. That's OK because my teachers were so excited to see me. Ms. Heather is so nice and treated me like a queen...even though at times I did not act like one. I had a little crying, or as Ms Heather says, a screaming spell around 10 a.m. They had to call Mom just to tell her that they have never heard a baby cry so loud. I guess I am gifted with a powerful set of lungs!

I must have been so wiped out from all of the crying, sorry screaming, that I passed out in the pool. No not a pool filled with water but a play pool. When Mom showed up at lunch to feed me I was still sprawled out in the pool. I didn't wake up until Mom made me wake up so she could feed me and return to work.

Just this past week I have been falling asleep on my own. I normally need to be held or nursed to fall asleep but Mom and Dad have been working hard to break this habit. They are using several techniques they learned from the book No Cry Sleep Solution. Babies are born only knowing how to suck. We all have to learn how to fall asleep and that it is OK to fall asleep on our own and I am well on my way!

I have also learned over the past 2 weeks that I have 2 hands attached to my arms. Every morning when I wake up I check to make sure they are still attached and surprisingly enough they are! I am even gaining enough control to grasp onto objects and play with them before dropping them. I hope to interact more with my friends at school to learn some new tricks.

Mom came to pick me up around 5 and we headed home for some dinner and a bath. After my bath mom swaddled me up and went to the kitchen to help Dad with their dinner and sure enough I did it again. I fell asleep on my own and surprisingly enough I didn't even wake up at the exact time that Mom and Dad sat down to eat dinner. I guess I was just wiped out from a long first day at school.

I am only at day care until September 14th. Mom and Dad have canceled my spot at Country Sunshine and instead have found a nanny to care for me. Andrea is so nice and I can't wait to start with her. I will miss the one on one that I am used to with Mom and Dad while I am at day care. It won't be too long before I will get to hang out with Andrea and her 3 year old daughter Abi.

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