Thursday, August 30, 2007

My First Week Of Day Care - ACHOOO

I only lasted 2-1/2 days for my first week in day care. I really thought my immune system was strong but I guess I was working too much on my sumo physique and not enough on my immunity cloak. Last night was a rough night for all of us. None of us got more than an hour of sleep as I labored to breathe through a clogged nose. Mom said she was ready to fry an egg on me I was so hot. Dad tried to drain my nose with a bulb syringe but at three o'clock in the morning in a dimly lit room with his eyes crusted over and my head on a bobble it didn't really work so well. Mom new something wasn't right and finally picked me up and allowed for my head to clear just enough for us to get an hours sleep sitting up before the alarm clocks buzzed.

Mom called Dr. Ramsdell and she said to come right in. The nurse took all of the necessary readings and proceeded to weigh me before sending us off to the room to wait for Dr. Ramsdell. I weighed in at a whooping 13.12 pounds! Dr. Ramsdell looked me over and listened to my lungs before telling mom that I had a very bad cold. Mom and Dad are constantly monitoring me to make sure I don't spike another fever and dehydrate myself. All I want is just to be able to blow my nose! If I could do that I would both feel and breathe better and we would all get some much needed rest!

Taking my own temperature

Squirting saline up my nose

I have learned a new habit of sucking my bottom lip. It will most likely stop once my bottom teeth come in!

It just goes to show that even during the hardest times a smile can always brighten your day!

Laughing also works.

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