Tuesday, May 13, 2008

I've got an Itchy throat!

Here is another one of my silly movies of Dad torturing and teasing me. For some reason, every time Dad clears his throat or coughs I hit the deck. Before coming back up for air I usually survey my surroundings and then resume play mode untouched and unharmed. Dad seems to get a kick out of this torturous behavior and I don't think Mom is in favor.

Sorry for the awful lighting, we'll remember to never film in the kitchen again.



redheadedhowler said...

Eleanor and I are laughing away. Eleanor says we should leave you a note that says dadeedodee. So there you have it. Now we are going to watch baby Maya again.

Brad said...

I believe Maya would say the same thing too.

Becka said...

She is as cute as ever!!