Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Tony and Lindsey's Wedding

We just got back from a trip to TN for my Uncle Tony's Wedding. We had a great time seeing all of the family and enjoying great parties in honor of Uncle Tony and now Aunt Lindsey. I have to say that I have traveled quite a lot in my first year of life and I've seen my 3 sets of grandparents several times but that didn't seem to calm me down at all while in TN. I cried for the first 2 days every time PawPaw, G3 and Gramma picked me up. In fact, Gramma came all the way up from Chattanooga to visit with us and watch me during the wedding since Mom and Dad were in it. I cried pretty much through the entire ceremony. Mom says she could hear me from 2 buildings away but I don't think Tony and Lindsey were paying attention. Once I finally warmed up to everyone it was Saturday night and we were ready to head back home. It’s hard not being able to understand and communicate with grownups!

When we got home on Sunday morning we set up the hammocks and relaxed from 12:30pm until around 7pm. The pizza delivery guy even delivered our dinner to us while in the hammocks. We didn’t move all day until we realized that the mosquitoes are back and we all woke up to itchy legs.

Enjoy the pictures, there are plenty!!

By the pond at PawPaw and G3's

The Rehearsal Dinner at PawPaw and G3's house.

Mom & Dad's Wedding Tree from uncle Jon (planted in 2003)

The Bride with her Mom and G3

Check out Mom's hairdo! Looks great!

Cousin Jessica

Just my size!

Playing with Gramma...

...and with PawPaw too.

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