Monday, May 26, 2008

A Day in the Park

On Saturday morning Mom and I went over to Pullen Aquatic Center for our last swimming class for this session. Dad met up with us after class and we headed over to Pullen Park to meet some of our friends for a picnic. We brought lots of food and toys and had a great time playing on the blankets with each other. My favorite toys always seem to be the toys that the other kids are playing with so I tried my best to sneak them away while they weren't looking or while they were too busy eating. I am still trying to learn the concept of sharing but it's a bit hard at this age. I tend to get a little fussy when I have to give something up.

Once we finished our snacks we headed over to the train station for a ride around the park. I have never been on this train before but I did ride the train at Dad's Museum for Santa Train. Afterwards we headed over for a swing on the swing set. I had so much fun swinging with my friends that I could hardly contain myself. I think Dad has some plans for my very own swing in the backyard!!

Don't take my Maraca!

You eat it...


Now give me a bite.

You're funny!

Ridin' that train...

Swinging with Stella Dot


Anonymous said...

Maya, It looks like you had a really good time in the park. Wish I could have been there with you. What a big girl you are in the swing with your friend! Gramma loves you sooooo much.

redheadedhowler said...

Love the nagua! :)

Brad said...

We are so happy you sent that to us! It is such a great dress and gets comments from everyone.