Monday, May 26, 2008

Lazy Days

Last week Dad and I took the entire Saturday and did nothing but sleep, eat and be as lazy as we could. The week prior was awfully hectic for both of us so we just decided to take a day off. Since we had such beautiful weather we decided to spend most of the afternoon in the hammock on the front porch. We were both sound asleep in the hammock that we didn't even hear our friend Mike drive up in his new car. He just got a 1966 Corvair and he came over to show us and take us for a short ride around the 'hood. We are trying to talk him in to taking us to the R.E.M. concert in his new ride!

1966 Convertible Chevrolet Corvair

Lurking in the weeds

Spirea plant in our backyard

Waiting for Mom to come home!

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