Saturday, September 20, 2008

Ant Enchiladas, Fried Grubs, Crickets and Silk Worm Ice Cream!

Bugs! It's what's for lunch! And I ate it all! My favorite had to be the fried grub! The server only gave us one grub and when Dad wanted me to give him a bite I let him know I wasn't happy. I wasn't sharing my bug feast with anyone! Most of the bugs were crunchy and you couldn't even tell you were eating them unless you looked at it before you put it in your mouth. I must say that the silk worm ice cream was not my favorite of the four bug dishes. I think if we were lost in the wild I'd be fine with eating bugs in order to stay alive!

As you can probably tell Dad and I went over to the Museum of Natural Sciences in Raleigh for their Bug Fest. They had all kinds of bugs on display and we even saw a man completely cover himself with honeybees. It was a stunt that I am glad we didn't have to participate in.

Eating my grub!

This grub was deep fried with a hush puppy.

Ant Enchilada

I was the only person dancing for the band! I had a blast showing off my moves!

Enjoying some tasty bugs.

Somehow I was terrified of this little dog that was not much bigger than my foot. What's wierd is that I have no fear when we walk to visit the horses but this little pooch had me terrified!

ps...What do you think of my choice of clothing?


Anonymous said...

Maya, I have all the mosquitos you can eat, if you are hungry for more bugs. You sure do have a strange diet! I like your outfit. Did you pick it out?

Love Gramma

Brad said...

Mom picked it out for Dad to dress me before she left for work.

redheadedhowler said...

Maya, I would have danced like crazy with you but not eaten the bugs. :)

Anonymous said...

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