Monday, September 8, 2008

Feeling Sick after Well Check

This is what I looked like last week. Perky, feisty, playful and innocent. Back then I had a little leak in my nose and a nasty cough but nothing too overpowering. But then it all caught up to me!

Mom and I went to our swimming class (Mom's the teacher) and when we left she noticed that I felt a little hot. We went home and Mom took my temperature and it registered 102. About 2 hours later and after a nice 2 hour nap we took my temperature again and it had reached 103.5. I was smoking hot! Last week when Dad had his fever he slept on the couch for 2 straight days. My fever of 103.5 didn't really phase me. Now that I have learned to walk I won't sit still for anything, including a high fever. I'm sick but you wouldn't know unless you held me and felt the heat radiate from body. Now my fever is back to 101 and we are monitoring it through the night. We are trying to hold off on the meds until tomorrow to see if I can break it on my own. We are going to try and let the fever fight the infection while I sleep and hopefully tomorrow I'll be fever free.

For those of you who don't have a good memory (me included), on this very same date last year I had a very high fever and had to go to the hospital so they could do some blood work. It was a day that I do not want to relive here so I will just leave you thinking about the coincidence.

On Friday of last week we went to see Dr. Ramsdell for my 15-month well check visit.

Weight: 24.4 lbs - Percentile 70%
Height: 29.5" - Percentile 20%
Head Cir: 19.25" - Percentile 97%

Now I am not a statistician but I can gather that from the above statistics that I am going to be a big headed shorty.

ps...The picture posted above was taken in the Tampa airport on our way home from Madeira.

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jane said...

Maya, Maya, are purrrfect and I hope you feel better. JoJo has the "green slime" and crud cough also.

He misses you sooooooooo much. I love you and PaPaw loves you even though you are partial to JoJo.