Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Welcome Home - Dino and Maya Style

Every afternoon around 5pm my internal clock (or rage of hunger) tells me that Mom is due home any minute. Some days it a little later than others and when that happens I get antsy. I begin yelling for Mom. I stand at the door to the carport and yell for her hoping that she'll hear me and rush home to feed me. I am beginning to think it's working!

Today we captured this video of me waiting for her to arrive. When Dad saw the way I acted at Mom's arrival he instantly thought of the age old cartoon "The Flintstones". Watch the video above and let me know if you think Dino and I have something in common. I know, in the video it shows Dino waiting for Fred, but just think of it the other way around. Now, that's not to say that I don't eagerly anticipate Dad's arrival. I love seeing Dad but when I'm thirsty there is not much he can do.



Amy Grant, Stella Dot, & Lemmy said...

veeeery cute.

Beck said...

I don't know if you realize it, but yesterday was the anniversary of the Flintstones premiere. (1960) Nice timing!

Brad said...

Nice! I guess I just got lucky!

I was a huge Flintstones fan as a kid but had no idea they were so old until I started poking around for the clips last night.