Saturday, September 27, 2008

Potty Training or Pooty Training???

Excuse me, can't you all see that I'm busy here?

As you can tell from the picture above we have introduced the potty trainer. Mom and Dad have noticed my signs of readiness for using the toilet, so we purchased this new potty that perfectly fits my bum. All I want to do is either play with it (which Mom and Dad say is pretty gross) or sit on it. I have been trying it out for the last week and all I can do is poot. Yes, every time I sit on it I poot! I grunt, contract my stomach muscles and say peeeee but all I can seem to do is poot. And every time I poot I laugh! Today I laughed so hard I almost fell off the potty. We'll keep giving it a go and report back when we have success.

Dad had a rough nights sleep last night. When he woke up he told me why. He had a nightmare! In the nightmare he was running from a bull with very large horns. This bull kept chasing him into a row of bushes and as soon as the bull found him, Dad would escape and run away. Finally, just as he thought he was safe, the bull spotted him again. Dad dove into the bushes and rolled under a bush trying to lie there perfectly still. As the bull got closer Dad started to panic. Then all of the sudden the bull laid down only inches from where Dad was hiding. The bull was breathing very heavily and with every breath Dad thought he was dead. Then he awoke only to realize that it was me snoring in his ear and that I was in fact the bull that was terrorizing him in his sleep.

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