Saturday, September 13, 2008

Special effects, stunts and my very own black eye

Today Dad and I picked up Mom for lunch and headed over to the Museum of Life and Science to see their special event on the science behind the film industry. When we arrived we heard a loud thud and looked up to see local stunt men jumping off the roof of the Museum. They were perfect every time landing without fail on the rather large airbag located 3 stories beneath them. We also got to take our picture with some gory, bloody and down right ugly faces. They didn't seem to phase me but one kid left pretty freaked out.

I think Dad is a better fit for Mom!

This girl had her head cut in half by a chainsaw.

That looked like fun!

Climbing on the rock wall.

This dinosaur is located inside the Museum and shows visitors a behind the scenes look into the building of the Dinosaur Trail that is set to open at the Museum next summer. The trail is slated to have 18 life-sized replicas of various dinosaurs and will be located in the woods just above the black bear exhibit.

A really cool exhibit where you interact with an image displayed on the wall from a projector. I was more interested in standing on my head than interacting with the exhibit.

Some older kids showing me how it's done!

And about that black eye. My black eye was not from any special effects or face painting at the Museum. It was actually all Dad's fault. After the Museum, Dad and I went to Lowe's to pick up some paint and while we were waiting for the paint to mix we were head butting each other. I know, it sounds awful but I actually like to use my head to bang into things. While Dad and I were bumping heads, Dad decided to look up and I missed his head and I slammed my eye right into the shopping cart. It hurt pretty bad and turned blue instantly (the blue is now gone) but I got over it. The store clerk looked at Dad and said "Mom's going to be mad at you for that one". I guess I'll make sure Dad does not bail on me before I crack my head.

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Anonymous said...

Maya, I don't understand why you let those ugly people hold you when you won't let your gramma hold you...maybe next time.