Monday, June 11, 2007

Can I Get A Pedicure With That Cord?

My feet sure do look rough! I guess that comes with the territory, uh? If you spent 9 months swimming in a Jacuzzi your feet would look the same too! Instead of a pedicure Dad has been biting my nails to keep them from scratching my legs and face. The Midwives told him to bite them rather than cut them for fear of cutting them too close.

It looks as if my cord has stopped beating. Did you know that newborns receive about 50% of their total blood volume from the placenta and cord after birth. The cord also drains important antibodies, iron and oxygen to the newborn for several minutes from the placenta. If Dads are instructed to cut the cord too early they could be depriving their infants from these vital nutrients. Dad and Mom made sure my cord had stopped pulsating before cutting it. I am kind of glad they didn't choose the Lotus Birth method. I would hate it if I had to sleep with Mom's placenta until my cord fell off.

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