Sunday, June 10, 2007

My Magical Toadstool

Paw Paw and Grandma Jane came to visit me this weekend and brought me a wonderful birthday gift. I really like it but I can't believe what they did to me. I mean look at me. They took off all of my clothes and placed me on top of my magical toadstool for an Anne Geddes photo shoot. I sure hope our neighbors weren't watching.

The toadstool used to belong to Paw Paw many years ago before he gave it to my Dad. My Dad took it to college where it became the hit of every party. When my Dad left for the Peace Corps he stored it in Paw Paw's attic hoping one day to retrieve it and restore it. Papa nearly threw it out but Grandma Jane came to the rescue. She hit the fabric store and together they went to town restoring it to the Magic Toadstool it is today. Thanks Paw Paw and Grandma Jane, I can't wait to show it off when I go to college!

Here is a link to a photo that Anne Geddes took. I wonder if she would be interested in my photo?

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Anonymous said...

Maya, I thought that mushroom had decomposed in a compost pile a long time ago. You wouldn't believe how ugly it was when your Dad took it to school with him.

Gramma Jane sure does have a wonderful imagination to turn that old thing into something so beautiful. It really is a magical toadstool.

I can't wait to come see you this weekend and check out your toadstool. I know you are going to love playing on it.

Love Gramma