Friday, June 8, 2007

My First Doctor Visit

Yesterday I got to go see Dr. Ramsdell. She's great! Mom and Dad had a lot of questions for her and she provided them many answers to help put them at ease. Mom and Dad are a little upset with me since I have really kept them up the past two nights. Dr. Ramsdell helped them understand that I have still not fully developed my diurnal schedule but told them of several ways to help me make the switch. Since I can't go outside on my own she told them to take me out into the sun more often. My body needs to produce melatonin in order for me to make the switch. So I need more sunlight to increase my levels of melatonin. This will also help lower my bilirubin. The best part is that I just like being outside and this means we get to spend more time in the great outdoors!

Dr. Ramsdell checked me over from head to toe and gave me a perfect score. She stuck some funny contraption into my ears. I'm not really sure what she was doing? Maybe she was checking to see if I had any brains? Well of course I do! Mom drank fish oil throughout the pregnancy and this really helped to increase my brain development. She says she is still drinking it so that I can continue to get the Omega 3 oils through her breast milk. I'm glad she is drinking it and not me. After all, she calls it fish pee, YUK!

I get to go back and see Dr. Ramsdell on the 28th for my one month check-up. As much as I like her I hope I don't have to see her until them. I really want to stay healthy so I only have to see her when I am well!

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