Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Fathers Day Weekend

This is my favorite book - Do you know where Sea Turtles go? The story is about a loggerhead sea turtle named Mrytle. When Grandma Jane got Mom and Dad this book she also adopted a turlte in their name. Our turtles name is Pearl. Pearl is a loggerhead sea turtle too. She weighs 300 pounds and is close to 3 feet in length! She was last seen near Sapelo Island, GA on February 23, 2006. I think she may have lost her tag because we haven't been able to follow her lately. You can see her travel routes and destinations here. All Loggerhead sea turtles are endangered so please join me in learning more about them and helping to preserve a place for them in our future! And keep a eye out for a turtle named Pearl.

Grandma came to town last weekend and gave me my first bath. I enjoyed the warm water, it even made me blow bubbles. Thanks, Grandma!

Mom & Dad got this dress while they lived in Panama. I guess they are glad they had me since it would look funny on a boy! The dresses are handmade Nagwas from the Ngabe Bugle community where Mom worked. I can't wait to visit them and learn about their culture!

Chillin' out on Fathers Day!


jane said...

Great pixs.

Anonymous said...

Is that Duck-Rabbit? You must be teaching her to buy local! Julie