Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Tipping The Scales With A Little Pee-Pee

Mom and I had our first trip together out of the house today. It was the first time Mom got to drive the car and I think she enjoyed getting out of the house. I liked it because I got to see all the midwives and nurses at the Birthing Center. They are such great people over there and they really know how to make me feel comfortable. Mom brought everyone on staff a jar of homemade strawberry jam to show her appreciation for all they did for us. I gave them my own little gift but I think they preferred the jam.

The midwives wanted to know how much weight I had gained since my last visit. Mom tried to tell everyone that she knew I was gaining weight from all the diapers she changes. I do drink a lot of breast milk but I didn't know I drank that much. The midwives and my pediatrician say that I should be gaining anywhere between 1/2 to 1 ounce a day. Well I blew that out of the water! I gained 12 ounces in 8 days!! I like to think it has to do with all of the great food my grandparents made for my Mom over the last week! They really took good care of us.

Heather told me she needed to take off my diaper to weigh me. I would have told her that that wasn't the best idea but I can't really talk. (I can write but they wouldn't give me a keyboard) Just as she asked me not to pee I let it all go! I just don't have the ability to hold it in right now. I'll learn soon.

After they cleaned up my little gift the midwife said to Mom that I must really be getting all three courses at each feeding. She explained to Mom that each breast contains 3 courses; breakfast, lunch and dinner with a little dessert. The breakfast course, also called foremilk, last for ~5 minutes and is blueish in color. Foremilk contains lactose and proteins but very little fat and mainly quenches my thirst. Lunch is also ~5 minutes and provides a little more protein and nutrients but its dinner that is most important. The dinner portion, also called hindmilk, provides me with the most amount of fat which is my main source of energy. Sometimes I fall asleep while feeding so Mom has to tickle my feet or the back of my neck so I stay awake and finish my dinner. I guess she has done a good job since I gained so much weight! Thanks, Mom for all you do to keep me eating healthy and allowing me the opportunity to grow big and strong!