Friday, June 1, 2007

A visitor in the night

Dad found this Carolina Wolf Spider (Hogna carolinesis) yesterday crawling out of my room and into the bathroom while Mom was taking a sitz bath. It didn't really scare me since I like spiders and knew he wouldn't harm me. I just didn't want to make it mad so it would bite me. Dad took it outside and let it go in the woods. He told me it was a good spider since it eats insects and large crickets. This is really good for us since we have a lot of crickets around the house. Even though we are in a drought and our garden really needs water we didn't kill it.

Did you know that this spider is the largest wolf spider in North America. Dad tells me he usually finds the female wold spiders in the garage with their eggsacs on their backs. The females can live for over three years. Wow, what an amazing critter!!

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