Wednesday, June 6, 2007

The Proper Alignment

I am resting so much better now that I saw the Chiropractor. She gave me a complete checkup and found nothing wrong with my bones, spine, symmetry or cranium. Whew! It was tight coming out of mom! My body was squeezed and squeezed through the birth canal and my skeleton took a beating from each contraction. Did you know that my cranial bones are pushed on top of each other so that my head can be pushed out? Once I came out I began to scream which is what helped to bring those bones back in place. Dr. Bell checked to see that my bones were properly aligned and they were! She also hung me upside down by my feet. It reminded me of when I was inside my mom where I spent most of my time upside down. She checked to see if my left side was symmetrical to my right side and again, perfect! Even my spine was in perfect shape. She didn't have to adjust anything!! My Dad was a different story though.

When I saw what Dr. Bell did to Dad I am glad I didn't need any adjustments! Wow, it looked like Dr. Bell was a professional wrestler as she started to power drive Dad. I heard what sounded like fireworks and then Dad had a look on his face like he had just been dropped off a 2 story building right on his back. And when she snapped his neck I thought she broke it! Dad has a mild form of scoliosis and needs more work so I am going back with him on Monday. I think Mom will get worked on too. She feels good enough now to let people touch her.

Grandma leaves tomorrow. I enjoyed having her down! She really helped Mom and Dad with some of the chores around the house and giving them a break so they could eat and take naps. She has a long drive ahead of her so I hope she takes the memories and good times we shared this week with her. Thanks, Grandma! I know I had fun, what little time I was awake!




Anonymous said...

Brad, she is beautiful!! Truly a gen. I cannot wait to see her and kiss her sweet face. I hope Tia is healing and will be back on her feet soon. This is a tough time but all the grandmothers will be there to help. God knew what he was doing....

Love you all so much,
MJ and Davey.

Maya said...

I can't wait to see you all either! Getting to meet my extended family will be a thrill!!!

See you all soon!