Wednesday, June 27, 2007

The Things I do Best

Everything is OK! I'm all clean and ready to play!

"What Mom? I'm busy reading about what to expect."

"Hey Mom, just because we live in North Carolina doesn't mean you have to dress me up in Tar Heel blue! Dad, where are my TN orange bloomers?"

I convinced Mom and Dad not to go to Tennessee for the 4th of July. I am still trying to rid my tongue of this thrush and it has made feeding quite troublesome. If I am having trouble feeding when the plane takes off and lands then my head will explode from the pressure. I would need to eat during take off and landing to help equalize the pressure. I don't want everyone on the plane yelling at Mom and Dad because of me. So instead Mom and Dad have set up our hammocks and we plan to just chill out for the next few weeks. We are planning a trip to TN in August that will culminate with my uncle's wedding in Asheville. I Look forward to seeing you all in Asheville!


jane said...

Ms. Maya made a good decision. M&D all to her little lonesome self! August will be her before you know it. Look she is a month old and you two are still alive and kicking.

Congrats on #1 month old grand baby girl and parents.

Love and can't wait to give you hugs and smooches G3

Evia & Tim said...

Looks like you're training your parents very well Maya - keep up the good work! Glad to hear that you'll get to relax a bit for July 4th. Take care of Mom & Dad. Can't believe you're a month old already - wow!

Anonymous said...

Hey guys!! I just wanted to send my love to you all personally. I come to your page every so often to check up on Miss Maya and my she is beautiful! I hope you are all doing well. Please come for a visit and bring that little girl to meet us. Take care!
Jennifer Wilhoit