Saturday, June 30, 2007

Hiking Around Harris Lake

Today we went on a hike around Harris Lake on the Peninsula Trail. The weather was beautiful for a hike and picnic and it felt great to be outdoors. We hiked about 2 miles through a beautiful mixed oak/hickory forest and a even the endangered long leaf pines. We saw plenty of wildlife along the way. The wildlife we saw today are some of the same critters that are in the books that Mom and Dad read to me. We saw ducks, toads, dragonflies, turtles and even a 5 foot red-bellied water snake. It was great to see them in their natural habitat.

Family photo lake side.

This is the yellow-bellied slider that we saw crawling out of a pond.

Relaxing after a picnic in the shade.


jane said...

Your Mommy and Daddy look so happy, Maya. They are in their element and want to share this with you always.

Your Mommy looks so happy and your Dad, well he always looks like he is watching over the both of you. sometimes he can be a pain in the butinky!

I love you and miss you bushels, G3

Evia & Tim said...

Maya - glad that you're having fun and getting to enjoy the great outdoors. You're lucky - some kids don't get to do that fun stuff. Your Mom looks great. Hope you're letting her get some rest these days. Happy One Month!!

Anonymous said...

Maya, Thanks for sharing the beautiful pictures and your first movie...You're a STAR! We can't wait to meet you! Jessica & Nelson